Calibration Keeper helps teams capture, store, and report data related to the calibration of equipment used in the field for Leak Detection and Repair.

In order to be compliant with EPA regulations and best practices governing Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR) technicians must conduct and report daily and quarterly calibrations on monitoring instruments. Collecting and storing this data is time consuming and costly, and companies often struggle to meet EPA reporting requirements in a timely manner. The Calibration Keeper app allows users to report equipment data calibrations and stores the data in a secure database. In conjunction with the Calibration Keeper app Trihydro has built a web-based reporting system that provides instant access to information submitted on the Calibration Keeper app for all subscribed users. This website will allow users to quickly produce reports requested by clients or regulators. Calibration Keeper facilitates EPA best practices for LDAR by allowing you to:
  • Transfer, on a daily basis, electronic data from electronic data logging devices to the database
  • Automatically include a time and date stamp, operator identification, and instrument identification
  • Eliminate paper log
  • Transfer manually recorded monitoring data to the database immediately
  • Review records to identify “problem” instruments for preventative maintenance (repair prior to anticipated failure)
  • Run reports at the touch of a button
  • View calibration data submitted immediately from the Calibration Keeper website
Prior to Calibration Keeper, contractors and clients often relied upon paper logs and long wait times for necessary reports. Now, everything you need to employ EPA-endorsed LDAR best practices is at your fingertips.
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